ground coffee
38.90 ₾

HAREM coffee is the embodiment of luxury, carefully crafted from a selection of the world’s finest and rarest Arabica beans. This blend crafted with precision and pride by Passalacqua, is a true delicacy reserved for the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Each bean is sourced from ten of the best plantations across the globe, including the coveted Jamaican Blue Mountain and the exotic Portorico San Pedro.

These exceptional beans boast a delightful and complex flavor profile, with notes of honey, vanilla, dried fruit, and dark chocolate, creating a truly unique and elevated coffee experience.

With HAREM, every sip offers a moment of indulgence and culminates in a lasting, satisfying finish on the palate.

Enjoy the natural sweetness of HAREM coffee, perfect on its own without the need for added sugar.




100 % arabica coffee from 10 different selected origins.