Papua New Guinea: traveling through coffee forests and tropical scents

Papua New Guinea: traveling through coffee forests and tropical scents

Jan 02, 2024Konka Naturals

One of its most beautiful pearls, Papua New Guinea, shines in the Pacific Ocean. Also known as Papua, it is a destination embellished with many natural beauties. With breathtaking beaches and coasts, expanses of vegetation and volcanic islands, it is ideal for those who love life in contact with nature.

Not only that, to make the trip a true discovery, there will be no shortage of the most exciting experiences, such as snorkeling in the coral reef, diving, surfing, trekking along the paths of the highest mountains and a pleasant walk among the coffee plants in the heart of the rainforest. It is precisely here that the pleasure of good coffee becomes a passion for connoisseurs.

Discover Papua New Guinea through all its wonders!

Papua New Guinea: the travel itinerary
With approximately 30 hours of flight and 2 stopovers, crossing Europe and Asia, you reach Oceania up to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Here you will find a warm welcome and comfortable services, in short, a perfect base for a trip surrounded by nature, among places with an intoxicating atmosphere such as the coffee plantations in the Simbu Province and in the Western and Eastern Highlands. Representing the goodness of the fruits of this equatorial paradise, there is the Papua Estate Plantation by Caffรจ Milani, delicate and full-bodied, with a fruity aroma that makes it perfect for sweet morning awakenings.

What to see in Papua New Guinea
Here are some of the unmissable stops that will make your tour truly unforgettable.

Port Moresby
In Fairfax Bay, located in the southern part of Papua, lies the capital with its port and some of the most beautiful places to enjoy the atmosphere of this land. Among the precious treasures we point out: Idler's Beach located east of the center; Sinasi Reef, popular with surfers; Daugo Island with its beaches covered with fine, very white sand; the Varirata National Park, the protected area with panoramic trails and the spectacular Rouna Falls. Also unmissable is the National Museum and Art Gallery of Papua New Guinea, where you can learn more about the history, culture and traditions of this country, through the many archaeological finds and collections linked to the world of natural sciences.

Madang Island and Mount Wilhelm
Easily accessible from Port Moresby, it is the ideal place for mountain and climbing lovers. In fact, a few kilometers away stands Mount Wilhelm, 4509 meters high, an enchanting destination where you can admire waterfalls and expanses of trees that are truly unique in the world. Furthermore, the Madang area is also known as a paradise of tropical parks and beaches, where the coral reef and other volcanic islands by which it is surrounded make the surrounding landscape even more particular and evocative. Among the stops not to be missed is the Kalibobo lighthouse, a 27 meter high octagonal tower built to commemorate the coastguards and which emits a white flash visible from the entire bay every 15 seconds.

New Britain Island and Mount Tavurvur
On New Britain Island - the largest in Papua - there is Tavurvur, the active volcano that arose inside the Rabaul caldera. Before venturing out to discover this mountain, you will be able to admire the beach dotted with very hot thermal springs that will attract your attention with their intense sulfur smell. Then, going up the mountain and pushing higher and higher, you will reach some of the most beautiful panoramic points with breathtaking views over the entire bay.

Tourists in Papua: what you need to know
Before leaving for Papua New Guinea, it is important to know what is the best time to enjoy your trip. In fact, since the climate is equatorial - humid, hot and rainy - with temperatures around 30ยฐ, the ideal is to choose to visit the country in the less rainy months. For this reason, we recommend the period between June and September, avoiding - however - the period between November and May when it is certainly more likely to be overwhelmed by real cyclones.
Once in this corner of paradise, you will be able to fully enjoy your holiday, even enjoying the local cuisine, rich in fish, tropical fruit and coffee.

What to eat during your trip to Papua New Guinea
If you are passionate about fish, you will certainly be able to enjoy it seasoned with particular sauces - even spicy ones - accompanied by vegetables, including root vegetables, pumpkin and kau kau (orange-fleshed sweet potato) and local fruit. Among the main dishes is Kokoda, with fish flavored with a lime and coconut-based sauce. However, if in addition to seafood you appreciate meat-based cuisine, you can try the Mumu with pork - preferably bacon - accompanied by exotic flavored condiments.

For a sweet journey even just with the mind
To make this short journey among the beauties and flavors of this land even more special, there is coffee from the island of Papua, 100% arabica, certainly one of the protagonists of the Puro line by Caffรจ Milani, available in various coffee formats ground, to that in grains, and that in capsules.

While waiting to plan this fantastic trip, the best sensory experience you can have, to experience a bit of the magic of this corner of paradise on earth, is to taste this single origin at home.


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