Passalacqua- Guardians of the Neapolitan tradition

Passalacqua- Guardians of the Neapolitan tradition

Jan 20, 2024Konka Naturals

As you enter the Passalacqua plant courtyard you see a green oasis with a magnolia and a rose garden that climbs the wall. The fragrance of freshly roasted coffee comes out of the chimneys intoxicating your mind with pleasure…

It all began in '48, after the war, with a nation adrift and tremendous poverty. In order to feed his family, grandfather Samuel worked as a trade representative, while his three sons Biagio, Yor Armando and Emilio, young and full of enthusiasm, bravely faced post-war labour shortage. Then came an opportunity: buying an old machine that roasted 5 kg of coffee every twenty minutes and starting a new business.

Today the coffee that comes from 14 different countries reaches the Passalacqua roaster, and from here it reaches all over the world.

"Italy's best coffee" is how sixties writer Mario Soldati described Passalacqua coffee on Turin's La Stampa newspaper, after having one in the bar Mexico in Piazza Dante in Naples, the first, historic retail place. Since then, Passalacqua is committed to preserving the superior quality of Neapolitan coffee every day, making us the true safekeepers.

Passalacqua's little American Indian licking his lips is one of the classic brands that take Naples into the world. Born of Samuele Passalacqua's intuition, inspired by a happy incident at our roasting plant.

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